2017 Beginners Update

After great consideration and thought, I have decided to  delay the beginners class for this year until 2018. I apologise to you who have been waiting, however due to a very busy schedule and some changes that I have been applying to the school to improve the standards of the Tai Chi and to allow me to focus on the current students and further elevate them all onto an advanced level.

There will be no changes to the current classes, timetable and fees. If you have any queries or concerns then please contact me here

Tai Chi Tutorial

The Spirit Of The Heart


New Music Page for 2017

I have made some changes to the music page for you all and I have placed a new playlist for you below to help Enhance your Qi and Tai Chi in a passionate way. Don't worry the songs have not disappeared, but instead I have combined them into fewer playlists, but more songs in each one. Enjoy and your feed back is always welcome.

School and Student News

Meditation classes return

Every Wednesday we gather to practice, meditation and learn the philosophy of the heart. The class is open to all students of the school. Click here for class timetables. I hope you can make it.