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me and bruce just connected

The Spirit Of The Heart

Sue has been busy

Sue has been working away at a complete transformation for Fragrant Planet, with so many exciting things going on for her she will be fully focused on presenting to you a whole new bunch of goodies, what was the delay, well she had her eye operation, which set her back, but now almost recovered and raising to go, for sure you will see the results of her hard work, which will also include a brand new website, which I am happy to be building for her. Its going to be a good year for Sue and she thanks all of you who have supported her and for your custom throughout the years. Watch this space.

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Tai Chi Tutorial

New Music Page for 2016

A calling for help to the students

Very soon I will be preparing the garden to allow us to move the classes outside and into our wonderful garden. Its been a long tough winter and the garden is in need of some care, so there is weeding to do, repotting of some of the plants and a really good clean up to the back and the front of the school. I am planning to this very soon one day on the weekend  of the 1st or the second of April, so any volunteers will be gratefully received and lunch will be provided and tea of course. Let me know if you want to help. Thank you Master Vasilios 

Astrology and healing

Prayer for all of you

Great divine one, she who mothers all of us throughout our journey, we thank you with all of our hearts.
May we seek you out by the brightness of your heart.
May we know you by the the love and forgiveness you give us.
May we find peace within our own hearts as they become one with yours.
Let us not loose our way, or never give up and thank you for carrying us through our troubled times, for riding the wings of the divine one is what makes us gentle, soft and loving.
Thank you Great divine one with all our love. Amin. Master Vasilios