School summer holiday schedule, 2017.
The school will be closed from the Tuesday 1st August and reopen on Monday 4th September. 

New Music Page for 2017

I have made some changes to the music page for you all and I have placed a new playlist for you below to help Enhance your Qi and Tai Chi in a passionate way. Don't worry the songs have not disappeared, but instead I have combined them into fewer playlists, but more songs in each one. Enjoy and your feed back is always welcome.

Tai Chi Tutorial

The Spirit Of The Heart

An update from my heart.

Some soft yet much needed changes to our website.

As you are aware the website has had another face lift and will continue to do so, as I am always looking to improve our coming together through the media, in one way or another.  Yes, I am really finding Facebook somewhat intrusive, but if this is what people want then so be it, but my main focus is to continue to develop the website, where I have some exciting plans for you all and what you will be able get from the website and so on. I am not saying this as a person who has reached a certain age, quite the opposite as I find that the younger generations have moved away from Facebook and are Instagraming and so on. So great for them and for us too as we should follow the young ones always.

You will find subtle changes to the website over the coming months, but significant ones so to say as one of the things I am planning to introduce to you all is far more information regarding Qigong and Tai Chi. As the school has many advanced students now, so should the parallel of information be made available to you all, to match this growth in knowledge. So I am working on this and hopefully soon, we will start to see the outcome of the hard work.

So please be patient with me as I look to revamp everything. For now though, you will find all of you music in a more compact and combined playlists and some of the blog posts have been merged.

More to come and thank you for all of your support over the years. I love you all and see you at your classes. Master Vasilious

School and Student News

Meditation classes return

Every Wednesday we gather to practice, meditation and learn the philosophy of the heart. The class is open to all students of the school. Click here for class timetables. I hope you can make it.