Yianna Yiannakou

A warrior of life

Yianna on top of the world

Yianna, has been with the school for several years now and is currently learning the Long Form left side.

Quote from Yianna: Ever since I remember, nature was always within me. As a child, I always loved bees. I watched them closely, buzzing and hopping from one flower to another. I envied their freedom as well as their kingdom. I too buzzed around but I never was free, and I could not find my kingdom. I then listened a whisper within; Go, go where the heart rejoices and the spirit free. Nature was my world. Hiking, climbing, traveling far from home and setting goals for high mountain peaks, were the spirit is free. The mountains the valleys the rivers and the seas, urging me to touch my heart and soul. The buzzing bee touched the flower of Tai Chi and the nectar was sweet and the energy something new to me. The bee has found a hive!    Thank you Master for taking me in, showing me how to climb the HIGHEST PEAK!    

Yianna loves her Tai Chi and and works really hard on personal training and is a very warm and friendly soul. Yianna also has other passions in life, which I do admire her for. She is a walker and has walked over many parts of Cyprus and other countries. 

Recently she told me that she was heading off to Greece to walk across some mountains, as usual I though wow, okay but I couldn't imagine the size of the mountains she walked across.

I have walked up Ben Nevis, so I know what it takes to get to a mountain top and one really finds themselves, what an inspiration Yianna is to us all. 

Yianna pictured left.

Yianna also likes photography and has sent me some wonderful photos in the past of nature. Yianna lives in Nicosia and is into healthy living and her passion for life never ceases to amaze me as she also trains with the sword form and always shows great heart when swinging the sword. Thank you Yianna for being at the school and for being with us on this journey. May you continue to climb the ladder of life, with your heart, you must be near the top by now.