Return of the heart

What a year it has been for all of you, working away at your Tai Chi and having to cope with a transforming Master as well. It has been a year of transformation for all of us, no one is excluded, why? because the energy of life is rapidly approaching a peak, where we have to learn new things a new way of thinking and living. Where does this learning come from ? from deep within your own hearts.

I will continue to write every month about you all as this is a great section within the website providing you all with information about each other, so to start the year, I would like to write about the most famous student we have, yes the classroom! for this is where we are embraced and provided with a place to learn practice, find peace and harmony with fellow students who are also walking the path of the heart. Our energy blends with that of the schools and we are blessed to have an ancient ground once again to work on. We are in the middle of this energy bringing both energies together through our own. So if we understand that our tai Chi energy that journeys with us all, is the heaven and the schools energy is the earths, we are the human energy that connects both heaven and earth, blending, cleansing and enhancing all three enrages in one go. So we must have respect for the school, the heavenly sent energy which cares for us all and not forgetting our own energy, that travels with us everywhere, even in the after life and many more lives to come.

here are some pics of the schools over the years gone by... enjoy.