Song Petridou

Song is an advanced student, who is currently learning Long form left side.

This video is a short profile on Song, one of the students at our school.

Song was born in Korea and left her home land at the tender age of 23. She has travelled to many places and is a most wonderful and loving person. She loves animals and especially the school cat.

Her main passion though is staying healthy, so she loves her tai chi and she said to me, that she was attracted to the mystic force of Tai Chi as if it was a calling. 

She admits to knowing little about Tai Chi then, like most of us I would guess, however she knew what to look for in a Tai chi School, so after several years of searching she found us waiting to greet her into the Tai Chi family.

Song says that Tai Chi is above all a moving meditation and the more I let go of things, the greater the rewards can be, such as healing, gaining self confidence and peace of mind, you name it...

Song has progressed through the various levels and is a great role model for the other students as she does care about people in a way, where she has always got time for them and is always willing to help. This is reflected in her forms, slow, gentle and flowing, just like a true heart should be. Song is now learning the long form left side, the last form before she progresses to the dance of equality. Song also attends the meditation and sword form classes, so the making of a true spiritual warrior is there to be seen by all. 

Thank you Song for all you do for the school and also and not forgetting making the tea for us all in-between classes.

Love master Vasilious