Student love story

It will be a day none of us who attended Ceren and Constantinos's wedding ceremony, will never forget. Both are students at the school, but Ceren Joined the school after she had met Constantinos. Constantinos asked me if I would  carry out an ancient wedding ceremony of the joining of two spirits into marriage and harmony, I of course accepted his kind request, how could I turn down to people so in love with each other.

The ceremony is based on ancient indigionus beliefs, that the bonding comes from within the heart and both are seen as equal to each other. Sue and I do this together and it takes some time to prepare the the ceremony in the right way. I could not have completed the ceremony without the help and expertise of Sue and the other who helped and chanted their way through the proceedings.

So a big thank you to Sue, for a wonderful layout and energised ground, and to Diane and Katerina for helping, including Liz, Marlene, Machi, Song, Paschali, Sophia and Olympia for all there hard work. My heart was filled to be able to carry out such a wonderful and dare I say romantic ceremony, that only speaks the truth why two people may be joined together spirit and soul. Congratulations to both of you and your families and I know you will be together for ever.

Enjoy the pictures of the day below.