The Completion of the garden

It has been a long haul so after several attempts the garden is complete and as most of you know, we are currently enjoying working outdoors in our wonderful and new environment. There is still more to do, but it now just the finishing bits, which will add further abidance to sooth our Tai Chi practice. I would like to thank all of you who have helped and have supported me throughout the transition of the the journey of the garden. What was once an unused area, which had no life, it is now full of life and I can't wait until the spring and nature comes into its full glory. A special thanks to Amaryllis, for organising and helping the school with the ground, without her good will and kindness, it would not have been possible. There is always an angel when you really need one, so thank you from all of us Amaryllis.

I put a slide show together to show you all what we have been through, the four different grounds and the slow coming together of the garden to what it is now. Thank you all again as I am so happy to be working in this special place. Thank you to Stavros the builder for laying all of the ground on his own, he did an amazing job for us all and you will recognise him as he is the one sitting on the tiles. Thank you Stavros. Just follow the slides to see its progression and completion.