The Story of Thomas and the Buddha

A few weeks ago, one of our Students, Thomas, asked if it was okay to bring his art work to the school and for us to look after it for a long period. I asked Thomas what he had made and he told me that he had made a Buddha... well I was pleased, but when he described the size I was a bit concerned. However I agreed and now we have his remarkable and wonderful piece of art work at the school, which everyone loves and fits in perfectly with our love for developing our spirit. Here is Thomas's own story.

While designing my garden I found out that I wanted a Buddha statue to provide peace and good energy to the whole garden.
I asked in many palces to buy one, but because of its size it was very, very expensive. So I decided I would register myself to ceramic classes and do it myself .

Monday night class with Thomas, back row far right.

I must admit it was very hard for me as I had never before, had anything to do with ceramics. It was my first time and this was a very challenging project. When I first went to class, they were all amazed when I showed them the guildline on making the buddha. My teacher, called Zwi, was very supportive though, she told me of course that I would be able to complete this project and make it.
I considered it as a good chalenge and started it. Everyone in the class was helping me from time to time as sometimes I needed help carrying some of the pieces or making some parts that where difficult because of the size and detail.
When I completed making the buddha, he needed to be cooked in the kamini (greek) for firing the ceramics. During the firing, which has high temperatures, some parts broke, so I had to make some repairs on Buddha and the paint it and then take it for firing for the last time. I used some oxaides(oxidia) for the colouring and after the firing the colouring gave out this very nice ancient colour ageing the material..
Finally after one and a half years of hard work, the buddha was ready to be taken home. After my Tai Chi lesson I realised that the classroom is the most suitable place for him for the moment and he gives out the best to all of us. Every time I see him at class I am more then happy for the decision I made.

Thomas from Monday intermediate class.

Thank you Thomas for your wonderful gift, we love Buddha, and you, we can all see and feel the love and energy you put into making this wonderful piece of art.