Delivery time

After clearing the ground, the next stage is to lay a surface we can all work on, without having to tackle the small stones. We are having a soil placed down, that hardens enough to work on without having to deal with dust, which sounds good to me. Apparently they use it in the playgrounds. The ground will also be levelled, so none of us will feel the tilt in the earths orbit. All this is great news, so what else has been happening, well its was a busy week for me as I had to bring up the plants from our previous place and some new ones. These ones will stay potted, and we have some new ones coming as well, which will go into the ground and become part of our herb garden. I could never had delivered the gates and the plants, if it wasn't for Machi, as she lent me the truck to do the work, so a big thank you to Machi for this, what a life saver.

It was fun delivering the plants, poor things blowing around on the back as I drove from Paralimni to Nicosia. I did drive very slow though, I imagined what the police would have said to me for going so slow on the motor way. I would have just replied that the plants asked me to...

So things are moving along, next up after the ground has been laid, the lights will be put up and then we can start building the herb garden, Cant wait and a big thanks to all of you. Love to you all.

Master Vasilios