School update

The school has recently gone through some positive changes and we are now settling in as the warmer weather starts. We have been busy preparing the garden and on Saturday five of us set about the garden to clear the ground and prepare it for us to do our tai chi on when the weather permits. I decided to start now, so we can let the ground settle for a while, before we tread the earth for at least eight months of doing our Tai Chi outside. 

The garden is a wonderful place, but it has been neglected over the years, so we cleared it with hard work and now it is ready to have the nice additions put in, such as some gates, wonderful aromatic plants and herbs. We have our very own giant eucalyptus tree, who is really old and stands very tall.

Still a way to go, before I am satisfied that we have the place the way it should be, but one step at a time and the cats just love what we are doing to the place, they are getting closer to us all the time, they are feeling the love.

Thank you to Machi, Constantinos, Yianna and Amaryllis for helping out as I couldn't have done it with out them.