The story of the schools logo

It all started here in 2007, when I was using a basic tool to create the schools logo. Nether the less, it was acceptable at the time and the kicking with the toe man was born. I quite liked this one, because of the way it shows the Tai Chi, but his time had come and passed.

After two years, I decided to to change the logo of the school and we moved to the Goldman logo, which became very popular and was created by an artist who was a student of the school. But without us owning the copyright, I had felt that we needed something that was unique and belonged to the school.

Next up was our change of mood and colour schemes, going through our purple patch and Katerina bless her worked very hard in producing our third logo, which I really like and wanted to keep, but we moved forward again and a year later I wanted another logo for the website and the school. 

By now I had exhausted the artists and was becoming the pain in their paint brushes, so I decided that it would not be fair to keep pestering them and i decided to use an old digital art photo I had created, which has now become the official log of the school. I am in the process of creating some variants, so we can have different colour scheme and so on. I think i will run with this one for a while, I kind of like it.

Why is it so important to have a logo, well I have never really found out, other than people will recognise the school by it, so the image is important, for this reason really and no other. We are not like corporations, where the logo is the be all and end all of the company, I like the logo to represent our energy and as the school grows in spirit, so will the logo. So what next, who knows, but I will keep working on it. Thanks to Catt and Katerina for their help and hard work. 

Master Vasilios