Cyprus in Athens

Acropolis stands proud

After many months of planning and deciding when to go, I finally took the step and took a brand new workshop to Athens. This was the first time I have ever taken the school outside of Cyprus and I am pleased to say that the workshop was a huge success and even though there was a lot to pack into a weekend, all of the students worked hard over the two days. I would like to say a huge thank you to them all and to Anna Nouri, who organised the whole event for me and made my journey a pleasant and very heart felt trip.

It was a fantastic energy to be working with, though they like us have been going through their challenges, but they again like us are strong and will pull through together as a nation.  So from left to right here are the guys who attended the workshop, Anna, Ivie, Edmund, Sandie,(Sitting down) and Alma. There was also Georgina and two others who did not make the photo, but again a special thanks for working with me on this challenging emotional workshop.

I also took a couple of hours out one evening to do some Tai Chi and found a great spot on top of a hill in a park. It was great to connect with my ancestor energy and of course connect with the students whom I felt a strong and loving flow from them all.