Five expressions workshop, just keeps growing

After many months of waiting, we finally did the workshop on the sacred ground in Platres. It has been a long while coming, but worth every second of the day, as I would be very happy to repeat this everyday. I would like to say a huge and big heart thank you to all who attended the workshop and I hope you enjoyed this enlightening experience as much as I have done. It was a great place, great weather and the most important of all, great human beings, who made the day so, so special. Thank you all and now express yourselves within the heart of the great mother. You can only move forward from here on.

What is the workshop about, well there are five heart expressions, that we must master in all of our life times, other wise we will not be able to find true spiritual growth. All expressions come from these five sacred expressions, which live in the true mind of our heart. Without true expression, we are unable to create and live our lives in the right way, so to overcome all things that hold us back, we must melt the past and change our destiny, only with true expression. Practice one or all five a day, to keep your heart happy and sadness at bay.

For those of you who attend the meditation classes, I will be following through on the work we did, to ensure that you are all able to progress further with the five expressions, onto another level. More of this workshop to come, but for now thank you again from me and a big thank you to Susan Worwood, my wonderful wife who has helped me so much to deliver this workshop, a true medicine woman. Love and blessings to you all and enjoy the pics below, they are really great photos, thanks Sue for taking them. Master Vasilios