Scaredy Cat is here

We have as some of you know, some wonderful cats living around and within the school, which we welcome with open hearts and love for them. However we all know that as much as we love cats, we have to live inharmony with them, so recently there was a lot of planting going on at the front of the school and as you can imagine the cats were shouting Yippee they love us, they provide us with a toilet. Ha ha, yes we did, but by accident and without thought. So I went to work on training them by placing stones down on the ground and then discovering this plant, which according to Diane grows in Cyprus and is used to keep Snakes away, but it apparently works on Cats as well. So we will se how we get on once the plants grow. So for cat lovers including me, we are using all organic and animal friendly products, but I do hope this little plant works.

If you want to enquire about the plant then please contact Diane here, who will be happy to help you. Good luck with our furry friends and the plants official name is,  Coleus canina and flowers into a vivid colourful plant.