Bringing in the changes

So much has happened over the last year it is impossible to sit and write it all down in one go for you all. However I will slowly piece things together for you. 

Congratulations to Katerina for passing her Art masters degree here in Cyprus, which I understand is making history. It has taken her on a long and transforming journey and to complete this fantastic life changing piece of work is incredible. So well done Katerina and I hope the next part of this Journey takes you to a place within your heart you did not know existed.

Liz pictured with Song

Congratulations to Liz Paschali, who has agreed to join me as an assistant teacher in the Fridays beginners class. Liz will now be helping me to run the class and to occasionaly run the class herself, when I am absent. This forms part of Liz's teacher training, so a big congratulations to Liz and may your journey into the world of teaching, unfold many new steps for you to take with all of your heart.