Raising the ground

Since we have been at the school, we have tried three different surfaces to do our Tai Chi on, the original ground, which was filled with bumps and was really beyong repair. Secondly a sand based ground that was meant to harden, but our Tai Chi was too strong and the ground never settled. Thirdly, a gravel based ground, which again our Tai Chi was too strong and the ground would just not settle. So we are now going for a polished and smooth stone surface, which will be Tai Chi resistant and will look nice and you know what I am like with stones, it will for sure provide us with a fantastic energy to work with.

The pictures above shows the garden in early June, but has since transform much more since then. I will be taking photos of the new work once it is underway. Thanks again for you understanding and apologise for any disruptions to the classes for the next week or so. 

Master Vasilios