Classes advance

Stella working on her sword form.

A big congratulations to two of the classes for advancing at the end of last year. Wednesday advanced class finished their long form left side and will now advance to the dance of equality, which is the most advanced for of Tai Chi. So well done to all of you and big heart felt congratulations and I am honoured and humbled that you put in so much hard work and effort to come this far with your Tai Chi. I look forward to dancing with you all in 2016.

Another great achievement is that of the beginners classes on Thursdays and Fridays, well done to them for completing the 16 Step foundation form and now they move onto the intermediate stage and will be learning the short form. Like all beginners classes, they have had to put up with the comings and goings of people, but now we are a strong class ready to move forward and advance with their Tai Chi. So I am really proud of you all and humbled once again that you have all worked hard and most of all, you have persevered in completing the form, but this is only the first part of many great things to come from your Tai Chi. So not only will you be learning a new form, but a new set of powerful Qigong exercises that will enhance and strengthen your Qi and body for the work to come. Well done and a huge congratulations from me and the rest of the school. You are all now intermediate students.

There has been some other wonderful achievements last year, we progressed so well in the meditation class, the sword form who have been learning the long form and doing really well and the beginning of the fan form as well. I would also like to say a big thank you to all of you in all of the classes as you have all worked really hard and have taken the school to a new level. Well done everyone and thank you so, so much. I am still the best student at the school though and you guys are the best teachers for me. 

Honoured and humbled in every way and I love you all so much.

PS the camera is coming out this week as we need some up to date photos of us all. Hope you don't mind.

Love and blessings

Master Vasilios