A warm welcome to the New Students

Since the end of September 2015, our new members have been working really hard in learning the 16 step foundation form. They have really applied themselves to taking on the principals and improving their understanding of the basic movements and philosophy of Tai Chi and Qigong.

I am really pleased with everyones progress and the attitude and love they have all shown through the classes towards me and each other, as this reflects the true philosophy of the school. Recently they have started learning the first section of the Yi Jin Jing, which are the 12 exercises to heal and promote the tendons and muscle strength. We are already on exercise nine, which is amazing how quickly they have taken on the movements.

As from next Friday, they will start to learn the short form and this will keep them busy for the rest of the year, or at least until August. I would like to thank you all for choosing the school and Tai Chi in order to help you follow your path in life. So Congratulations in completing your first form and now we are ready to move on. Sorry I don't have a picture of you yet, but one will follow shortly.

Love and blessings and a big thank you from my heart.

Master Vasilios