Brave hearts

The weather has finally forced us to go inside for the last two weeks with the temperatures dropping to an incredible low of 1°C. however the sword form class chose to work outside in the garden. The night sky was clear and the air was cool, and we warmed up through our hard work and dressing sensibly. Now it has taken me many years of gentle discussion to encourage people to train outside during the winter months, but I can tell you that I failed until last Tuesday evening. So well done everyone, it was a great session and even though we had to wear some heavy clothing it was worth it. It is very healthy to exercise outside during the winter months as long as you are warmed by your clothing and have hot tea available. I am impressed by all of you, Im still not sure if we are making some kind of history here, but keep up the good work and lets see how far we can go with this. My respect to all of you, if it wasn't so cold and I had more hair, I would have taken my hat off to all of you too.

Our Song leads the way with a huge heart warming smile

Master Vasilios