Always happy to help

Every year the school is asked to help out with various charities and so on, so I always try my best to help and this year I had a special afternoon with a worldwide organisation called World Vision, who help the underprivileged, starving, rebuild destroyed villages and assist with health and education around the world in various countries. I attended their annual conference and met some wonderful people from around the world, who work for this international charity.

We had a couple of hours in the park, doing some de-stressing, with some Qigong and form, we all had a laugh with the animal forms, especially the roaring tiger. I would like to thank them all for joining in and making the most of the session and the people who asked me to attend. So a big thank you to you all it was wonderful to meet you and spend some time enjoying the park and seeing you all smile.

I hope we meet again next year. 

Master Vasilious 2016