Sundancing and inner peace

On Saturday, we gathered together to dance in our glorious grandfather Sun, who gave us all a mighty display of its beauty and cleansing energy. There were many of us on the day, which helped to make a special energy between us and for what ever reasons we had at the individual level, they all came together as one, which was transmitted into a wonderful healing energy, not only for us, but to all of those who are connected to us. The dancing is a gradual build up of energy and cleansing of our sacred heart chakra, we open the channels to our inner consciousness, which cannot be achieved without some prolonged and rhythmic work. 

The energy was so powerful and to show the love we have for one another as human beings is what makes this day so special. We danced for our hearts, we chanted to the Sun and the Moon and we had a very special display from our animal friends as well.

I cant thank you all enough for attending the event and being part of something that is very close to my heart and this day will always be remembered for those of you who found your power and have shaken off the old you and have been renewed with the newly born sun.

There are so many of you to say thank you to, as everyone played their part in making this a great day, so a big thank you with all my heart to all of you. You were all awesome, our ancestors are singing in the heavens as we gave them so much.

Enjoy the pictures below and love and blessings to you all. Master Vasilios 2016