Lets all take a step forward

What a year it has been and I can proudly say that several of the classes have nearly or completed their forms for this year. Its been an incredible journey for all of us and what a persistent group of humans you are, which is what you need be to go the Tai Chi journey. 

There is so much to say about all of you and what we go through each year, by working hard, dealing with our personal lives and growing in such a beautiful way. So in summary

congratulations to the beginners for completing their 16 Step form and as usual we had to go through the change of people, late beginners and so on, but we go their in the end and they put in a very serious effort, well done to all of you comopleting the basic foundation form.

Congratulations to the Monday advanced class, for completing their Long form right side and now they move to the left side, a really big feat and huge test of character and strength as learning your first long form is without doubt quite empowering. So here they are posing for their latest photo and sorry to say, without Thomas who was absent on the night, so I guess I have to do another photo, we cant be without our Thomas.

Congratulations to both of the Tuesday and Wednesday advanced classes who have now entered the final preparation stages before they start their dance of equality forms. The are doing great circle walking and dancing at the moment, which is a very high level of Tai Chi, so keep going and working hard and soon you will all break through to the highest level of the Tai Chi forms.

Congratulations to the Friday intermediate class who have just completed their short form and will be next year learning their long form right side. Its been a great year for them and they have like all of you worked really hard and are progressing nicely towards the advanced stages. Keep going.

What else can I say other than its been a great year and I am overwhelmed by all of the progress you have all made. I could not have asked for a better group of people to be with on the journey. You are all incredible and beautiful souls. Love and blessings to all of you, Master Vasilios