Tales of the Tassles

As most of you know, a group of students came together to learn the Yang style sword form. This was a while back and since then they have completed both long and short forms. i would like to congratulate them all for recently completing the long form and for working outside in all weathers, working hard as the forms are quite demanding and raising themselves to a standard, which is very good.

They have earn't the right to place the tassels on their swords and this was passed down to me from my teacher as he gave me mine, I gave them theirs. It is not customary to present a tassel to the swords person as a tassel is down to a swords persons choice, but I like to think and believe that once you have learnt the form you have to learn that the tassels movement signify the working of the sword by the person. The tassel should move smoothly and freely and not wrap around the hands or arms. It should always show the energy of the direction and type of stroke being displayed at the time. So I have maintained the custom and I can only say what a fantastic group and a well deserved Tassel. Congratulations to Nicoletta, Diane, Song, Constatinos, Liz, Yianna, Feleicity and Catherine who was absent on the day, for completing the form and now the Sabre sword awaits you all.