Meditation retreats

Many of you have asked me about running a retreat for some Tai Chi and meditation for a few days away in the mountains, or somewhere recluse and away from it all. I have explained in the past that I would love to run another one after the one I ran several years ago, but we were able to do this on a budget with shared rooms and son on, which no one minded. However I don't feel that most of you would be happy about sharing sleeping space, unless I have got this wrong as last time we slept six to two large rooms.

I have also explained that when you add up the cost of holding an event in a remote place with separate bedrooms, cost of food and travel including the course fees, it does amount to  a large amount of money, which then presses on my principals that I want my teaching to be available and affordable to everyone. It does make it difficult for me to explain this to some of you, but I stand firm on this, but I am always looking for solutions to the problem. So if you have any ideas then please let me know in the comments below, lets discuss it and find a way as there is always a way.

It would be amazing to have as many of you together one weekend so I can take you all on a special journey. One idea came to mind that for those of you who attend the weekly meditation, we can do a weekend just for this purpose, but where is the question. let me know before it gets to hot.

Love and blessings Master Vasilios