Long form Left Side Students

Liz, Yianna and Carol


They students of this class have been progressing quite strongly over the last year and are performing to a very high standard, even though the left side long form is one of the most challenging forms I feel to learn in the yang system. Liz, Carol and Christos (Pictured Below), who has now left us to study film abroad. Christos will be very much missed by us all after being with us for three years, he had progressed to a good level of Tai Chi. However the school always welcomes students to return and Chris will always be a student of the school regardless wherever he is on his Journey. 

As the development path of the students of the school each student as they progress can attend as many classes as they like as long as the class is at the same level or less advanced than their own class. Several of the advanced students attend this class as well, however I was only able to capture Yianna at this time, centre of the photograph. 

what is next for these two wonderful students, well this class was originally being taught by Diane, who unfortunately broke her wrist several months ago and could not continue her teaching role, so I took over the class and as timing would have it and it was good to see Diane back at the school and continuing with her training and assisting me in the advanced classes. We all wish her a complete recovery.

Moving forward, it seemed appropriate to elevate Liz and Carol to a Master Class to finish their Long Form left side. What is the difference, well, they will be put through their paces and have to work hard to ensure that they not only achieve completing the form, but raise their standard and practice at the same time. The master class is one hour of intense training and is not for the faint hearted as I will intensify the training to a masters level for them. I know in my heart that they are both capable of accepting this kind of training and from there they can move onto a more advanced level of Tai Chi.

I wish you both a good journey when we start back in September. Thank you to all who have been and are involved with this class.

Master Vasilios