A great start to the year

After a long and hot summer, we have returned and almost all of you have returned to your Tai Chi classes, including a new group of beginners, so we have got off to a healthy start and I would like to say a big thank you to all of you for entrusting me with another period of your life learning Tai Chi. 

As you can imagine we have some exciting activities coming up this year, which I hope will interest you, but for now the main aim is to get all back into working hard on yourselves and revitalising the Tai Chi and Qigong in you. 

After a long absence, the schools logo has returned. He disappeared for a while as we tried to alter the image of the website, but this little fellow just charmed his way back into my heart and to be open with you I have missed him. So please welcome back the gold man logo, which was created uniquely for the school, by Catt Kyriacou and you can review her art on www.cattsoulart.com



I would also like to thank Jonathan for slowly but surely adding somethings to garden. Most of you know Jonathan and he is a keen gardener, so long may he play in our garden and I just love his randomness, so lets see how the garden grows this autumn.  

So enjoy the year ahead, I have a lot to teach you all and looking to once again raise the bar, with our standard of Tai Chi, so may your journeys be long and fruitful. 

Master Vasilios