Changes to Facebook

The schools Facebook presence has been long overdue for a facelift and in the way it is managed. As you can imagine, what with the website, the Facebook page and the Facebook group, my work has been cut out for me. So after a long chat with Sophia, who knows Facebook far better than me, as most people do. I have changed the Facebook group to a private one, so now we can have our discussions online between ourselves and I can post far more information about the school activities and followup on some of the teachings for you all. The group is open to join by those members of the school, which means you are actively attending classes, belong to the meditation group, or are working with me on a one to basis and not forgetting those of you who are based overseas and working with me or associated with the school in one way or another.

For those of you who may not fit the profile above, we still have the Facebook page, which is more for general use and other information about the school, which will remain open to all.

The Facebook group can be found here if you are not a member then massage us to join.

The Facebook page open to all can be found here: Facebook page

Thank you for your understanding Master Vasilios