Ceremony for Grand Master John

Grand Master Johns funeral will be held on the 18th January 2017, so in order to give our thanks and to offer him a safe and peaceful journey to spirit world, I would like to invite you to a gathering at the school on 18th January starting at 7:30 pm and will run to 9:30 pm. It will be a drop in session, where you will be able to pray and meditate on your own in the silence of our offerings. You can stay as long as you like or for the whole two hours, it is up to you and if you are unable to make it, your prayers from wherever you are will be gratefully received. It will be a chance for us al to personally spend time with John, in our own way, either through meditation, prayer or a private conversation with him. I know he will be listening. I look forward to seeing you there and may peace and love be with him and us all at this time.

Master Vasilios