Beginners Sword form Class

Hi all, I will be starting a new beginners sword form class soon and I would like to invite all beginners, who would like to be part of a weekly class learning the traditional Yang Style Tai Chi 32 step short sword form. The form is practised slowly the same as the regular forms, so need to worry, I promise no jumping off walls and fighting each other. This is a solo form, and below I have included a small video of part of the form for you to all get a feeling in how its practised.

The class is open to all students of the school only, regardless of what stage you are at with your Tai Chi. However I have limited places and can only accommodate 12 people maximum. Four places have already been taken, so there eight more places left. Please let me know as soon as possible as to avoid disappointment. The classes will be held every Tuesday starting at 6:00pm to 7:00pm and the cost will be 5 Euros per class. I will provide swords for practicing at the school, but I cannot allow you to take them home for safety reasons. Do not worry though, because if you feel that you would like to continue the sword lessons, then one can purchase a sword at a reasonable cost.

I will let you know the date once I have taken all of your names. If you want to then please enrol using the form below. Thank you Master Vasilios

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