The Garden is ready

I would like to say a very big thank you to all of you came along on Saturday and helped prepare the garden for us all to train in. It was a great team effort, and for you all to give up your Saturday morning was really kind of you. There was a lot to do and everyone worked so hard and tirelessly, I am so humbled and grateful to have you all in my life.

So thank you to Sue Worwood, Machi, Soty, Yianna, Paola, Nicoletta, Diane, Liz, Chris, Constantinos, Song and Amaryllis for all of your help and for bringing the wonderful food and especially the vegan Chocolate cake. I am not forgetting the cleaning of the inside as well, especially after three months of being indoors the place also needed a good spring clean. Thank you all and now we can once again stretch our wings and be close to nature. Finally and yes the two main lights, which glare at us have been changed, so it should be easier on our eyes, thank to Christos from the Monday class for changing these for us.

See you all at the classes and thanks again with all my heart and enjoy the pictures below. Thank you to Yianna and Sue for taking the photos.

Master Vasilios