Beginners sword class starts next week

It has been three years since I started teaching the first sword form class to the students and now we have an advanced group and a new beginners group as well, which has made very happy to see people overcoming the belief that training to use a sword is purely a Marshall art. It is a instead something very powerful and beautiful to take up, as the sword form, promotes health and raises the and strengthens your Qi. How does it do this, well, its all down to the element of iron. Iron in the the earth is taken and through a process, the sword is made, but only after passing through several highly skilled swords craftsmen. We also have iron within us and this connects with the sword when practicing the form. It allows us to express our Qi outwardly through the extended hand holding the sword.

The Yang style sword form remains soft and gentle, yet powerful at the same time, so you also build up a level of graceful movements, focused mind and dancing with all five elements. It is a beautiful site to see, when the sword is gracefully being moved around, flowing with the air and creating an unmatched aura.

The advanced class will be moving onto the Sabre sword soon and this will be there final sword form, before moving onto the long stick, which I will write about another day. The beginners always start with the 32 step short form and then move onto the 67 step long form. If you would like to join the beginners class, then please contact me as the classes start next Tuesday 11th April. The classes are only open to students of the school as some basic foundation form work is required first.

Enjoy the classes and see you soon. Love and blessings to you all

Master Vasilios