We are progressing

It has been a busy year again for the school, which is good as the classes are progressing and there is so much to write about for each of the classes, so here is a brief update. The Monday Long form left side are working hard on their form, though I will say it is the part of learning this form, which I think is really challenging, not in learning the postures, but getting the right side of the mind to stop resisting our true expression. However the good news is that something magical happens about the halfway mark, when things start to fall into place.  So well done to you guys and keep the hard work.

Tuesday and Wednesday dance classes are halfway through leaning the first of two forms and yes it is a dance of Tai Chi. When the student arrives at this stage so many changes occur in the class, with so many new things to learn. It is just like being at the beginning again, but with more experience and wisdom. The ancients would dance their way into the heavens, to achieve enlightenment, what more can I say about this wonderful set of forms called the dance of equality. There is still a way to go, so keep working hard and your years of Tai Chi practice will bear a fruit so sweet, you will never want to be without your Tai Chi for all of your life.

Thursday Short form class, is growing strong by week and now some of the Tai Chi is beginning to show through and we slowly advance into some of the deeper part of this wonderful form. The class is approaching its first full year and the first year is always the most difficult, yet remains very interesting. Again keep up the hard work and enjoying your Tai Chi.

The Thursday and Friday, long form right side class are really powering on and are now producing some wonderful Tai Chi, which is down to the hard work and dedication they are showing in the class. I am excited to see how far this group can go, as I get the feeling that the more they progress, the more brilliant Tai Chi we are going to see from them. Well done you guys just keep going.

Two new classes have started this year, with a new beginners sword form class now underway and every Tuesday, which is progressing very nicely and has a steely determination about it, which is what I wanted to see. There is more to write about the sword form and this I will do when time allows me to do so.

The meditation group have started back after a three month break and the class is ready to progress onto another level and they will be learning the deeper meaning of the small circuit meditation and the medicine wheel, not forgetting the beautiful heart teachings of course. So I am happy to see you all and work with you all again every Wednesday, on our special evening.

I would like to thank you all for your attendance and hard work and all that you contribute to the school, you are amazing people and it is honour to be helping you walk the path of life through its ups and downs. Stay strong and stay healthy and most of all, keep your hearts open...always.

Love and blessings to you and I look forward to see you all at the classes. 

Master Vasilios