Hidden Talent - Wooden Swords

There is so much talent within the school, but not necessarily with just Tai Chi. I have been trying to resolve a particular problem for the sword class, which is to able them to purchase a wooden sword for training and to bring to the class. However as most of us know, living in Cyprus can be frustrating when having to import products and swords being one of them, as it can become quite an expensive task.

So I discovered that Constantinos Zenonos, who is an advanced student with the school, is also a cabinet maker and a great woodworker and I asked him if he could make an affordable wooden sword for the students and for me too. Not long after he produced the prototype, which we agreed on and then produced a really nice piece of work. 

So now you can purchase on of the swords from Constantinos directly or through his Facebook page or phone him on his mobile:- 99513855. The price of the swords are affordable, and they can be made size to make a perfect fit for you and the weight is very light, which is just what we need for practicing long hours of sword form.

Let me know if you need any help with this, or just contact Constantinos directly.

Love and blessings

Master Vasilios