Welcome back

Hi all and a very big welcome back to the school and the classes. I do hope you have all had a wonderful summer and have enjoyed your holidays and rest. We have already started the classes and what a couple of weeks it has been. It is so good to see you all filled with enthusiasim and ready to go onto another level of your Tai Chi. 

I first of all though want to apologise to you all for the lack of contact on my behalf during August, as some of you know I have been busy and still am, trying to get my fitness back after my old injury decided to return, which requires me to train in a special way up to possibly six hours a day. I am working hard and getting there, but don't worry, I will be working you just as hard in the classes. 

So the classes will without a doubt progress this year, with possibly the short form class, long form left and right and the sword form finishing by the end of the year, however we are not in a rush, so lets see how far we can go in the right way and take our time and enjoy the journey.

Though many things made me happy to see you all return, the one thing that made me the happiest, was to see all the love you have between you all, that was and is special and reflects the true purpose of the school, which is the healing through our hearts. I love you all and see you at classes as normal. Well done to all of you for keeping up the good work.

Love and blessings

Master Vasilios