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New playlist for your Tai Chi and Qigong practice or just to lay back and relax. Visit the music page to hear all of the albums.

Recent event news

Congratulations to Marina Michael for putting on a brilliant show for Alzheimers. Marina Michael is an international performer. She sings in over thirty languages and dialects, plays the piano, composes and writes poetry in many languages. Studied and teaches opera and modern singing, organizes and sings at concerts in Cyprus and abroad. She is a researcher on global issues too. I would like to thank her for inviting us to be part of this event and here are our three performances.

Part one the short Form

Part two the short sword form

The dance of Yin and Yang, a mix of Tai Chi and contemporary dance

Animal healing part one and two

This is Buddy who was with us on the earth for 18 years. In many ways he was a greater healer than than me and taught me so much. Thank you Buddy.