Calling of the kind heart

The great mother embraces us all

Our hearts, beat gently within the centre of our beings, constantly sounding out to the universe, of who we are, and where we are. This is the call of nature, our true heart, waiting, knowing that for one moment in time something will answer our calling born out of creativity, our inherited need to grow in spirit and soul.

We come to the earth to learn through change. Change is the only constant in the universe. In a single life we are reborn many times over, through the calling of change. We must do our best to answer our calling, when it comes tapping on our hearts, letting us know that like our birth date, the entire cosmos has aligned itself and has offered you the perfect moment to accept and embrace the wind of change that is flowing through your heart.

For some, they will simply be guided back onto their paths, gently and with love from the great mother spirit. For others, they will have to destroy what is old and served its purpose, by brining forth the wisdom and knowledge of this life experience. However both types of calling offer change and the chance to grow in spirit, and in our heart. How do we answer our calling? how do we know what is right! how will we know if we have chosen the correct path?

The only pathway is the one of the heart, for there is no other. This is the path we are all destined to walk, for it is the same path our ancestors have walked before us and will walk after we have completed this incarnation. The pathway of the heart has no true beginning and no end, it is simply the pathway home. Follow your heart, for it knows the way and it knows the truth.

Illumination is not something that someone just arrives at, it is but a gentle light that starts to flicker the day you are born and continues to grow throughout your entire life. Then one day like all burning stars it will gently dim itself into the darkness of the cosmos, for we are stars, born to burn brightly and be at the centre of lives.

To help you understand what it means to answer your calling, you at first have to accept that you are about to go through a cycle of change, and this is recognised by the feeling you have in your heart. Through acceptance, we can start our new journey and walk further along our pathway. What we must then do is find some quite time everyday to become still and just listen to our hearts, let our hearts guide us. By becoming still, our minds become free, for we are not dreaming or working, but we are allowing our mind, soul and spirit to connect with our hearts and offer us the truth of our lives.

Be kind, one of a kind as we are all the same.

What is the truth of our lives? we are given what we need and not what we what. Be grateful for everything that we are given and make the most of this cycle of change, for nothing lasts for ever, as all will change again and again. Be kind unto all other beings, animals, plant life and angels.


Poem of the Kindness of the heart

My heart beats the sound of the cosmos, where all life be it big or small is embraced the same. In my stillness I shall hear my inner sage say unto my heart.
I love my heart
Heart forgive me
Heart heal me
Heart, love all others
Heart forgive all others
Heart heal all others
Know I am grateful and blessed and you allow me to walk upon your gentle skin.
Never shall I be alone, never shall I need the comfort of others while I take shelter under your winged heart.
Heart guide me, teach me to be kind and gentle, let me embrace the hearts of others and comfort them.
I seek not to be covered in glory, but in the golden rays of light of the great spirit.
The great mother is kind to me, kind to my heart, she bestows upon me the gift of life.
Through her kindness, my heart shall grow and I shall find salvation in the heart of the great spirit.
The true opening of my heart will be born through the sesame of kind.
My suffering shall end and kindness, shall flow through me, for kindness is the carver of my path, the great river of love, on which I walk upon.
We are a kind, a oneness all belonging to the heart of the great mother.
Be kind to yourself, be kind to others, be kind to the great mother.

— © Master Vasilios Firippis 2014

Photo credit to Marc Mantha

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