Three pillars of life

Nickolas Muray. Isadora Duncan.

Be upright, honest and humble, these are the three pillars of life, the very essence of human being. We all want to live an honest and humble life filled with morals and principals. However difficult this may be, I believe that most of us are like this, because it is part of our DNA, but we can become filled with good intentions and suffocate the three pillars of life within us. In other words we can start to decide was is right for other people, in place of just being honest.

Honesty: Is to speak from your heart and say how you really feel and not what you think. This is what most people find hard to do, for in situations when we are pressed to deliver the truth, we say what we think the other person wants to hear and when we have to speak the truth, it may often be expressed as anger. This anger is caused by the non acceptance of the truth by the other person and our own fear of speaking the truth. So is there a correct way to speak the truth... yes there is, through being humble. Humbleness is not a weakness, but instead a show of inner strength, for to be humble in a time of adversity, is to remain rooted, undisturbed by the presence and acts of others, to stay on the path, your path, which does not belong to others for they are your footprints, which ultimately belong to your ancestors.

To be upright is not to be rigid and stiff minded, not allowing yourself to accept the minds and hearts of others, but to listen with intent. When I teach people the principals of life, I ask them to be without intent. nearly everyone struggles with this, for how can we be without intent, surely nothing would happen, then I will say to you, be with one intent, which is to listen and listen carefully to the hearts of others and your own heart, for there lay the secret of knowing the truth and if we know the honesty of others we can know the true meaning of humbleness, truth and being upright. To be with principals is to be with one set of principals only, which are the cosmic principals of life, which are the only principals, as all other principals have been made by people who have lost touch with the spirit world, for they are there for us all to share and become.

I once handed out a flyer contacting the cosmic principals of life to a group I was teaching and these principals are sacred and should be honoured and respected as they were left for us by our ancestors. They quickly discarded the flyer and when the course finished some had even left them behind. It broke my heart to see how people can so quickly and without thought overlook one of the great treasures of life. But it is their destiny and not mine, I can only guide and do nothing else.

How does this work, trying to live this way, well you will make mistakes, but that is okay, there is no loss, especially if you keep on trying. At the root of your thinking, there is being upright, supported and driven by the cosmic principals. These principals are not to be altered to suit you, because the real challenge is to become the principals, to live them and share them  with all living things. The cosmic principals can only be expressed through truthfulness and humbleness, which allows them to express their true nature, because humbleness is the ultimate essence of yielding, softness as mother nature intended. So at the edge of our circle is humbleness and truthfulness, at our centre are the cosmic principles, when we live our lives in this way, we will not have the emotional burdens of guilt, worry and doubt as these emotions are what pull us away from our hearts and path. I say one more thing to you all, the heart is the path, stop looking elsewhere and know that you simply have to walk within your heart and there all the answers to life await you. Try living the three pillars for one day and see how you get on. The cosmic principles of life are in a small video I did a while ago feeling overwhelmed with expression. Got any comments or questions, then send them to me by commenting on this post. Lots of love to you all and thank you for taking the time to read, I hope it helps you find your way.

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