Picture perfect

A woman who did nothing but help others in her life, was always being told how wonderful and kind she was. She never allowed herself to become filled with ego, as all the good deeds she did, were carried out from the kindness of her heart.

One day she was helping a lost soul recover from a life threatening illness. She was able to help this poor man recover fully and so overwhelmed was this man by the kindness shown to him by this woman, that when the healing had ended, he asked her "how much do I owe you?" She stared lovingly into his eyes and replied "Just a small donation will be enough" the man turned away and thought for a moment and said "May I repay you with providing you with a picture of you, as I am an artist" "Yes" she replied feeling thrilled that she was going to be painted and couldn't imagine what it would feel like, to have her very own picture of herself hanging on her wall at her home.

She asked the man if she would have to sit for him, while he portrayed her, "No no" he replied "I have you're beauty captured in my my mind and heart, and I will give you the painting soon" with that she planted a kiss on his cheek and he left feeling that he had met an angel and she, a man blessed with a gift from nature.

Seven days later a package turned up on her door step, she could see it was the picture and excitedly carried it indoors, carefully unwrapping it. She stood back in awe of the painting, mesmerised by the exact likeness of her softness and beauty all contained within the picture. Feeling very satisfied with her gift, she proudly hung it on her wall where everyone could see it.

Later that day, several people had come to her for healing and all had noticed the picture of her on the wall. She asked all of them what they thought of the painting and all replied how wonderful it was, but she had noticed that there was a falseness in their replies, they were just being kind. This disturbed her and she spent many hours looking over the painting to see what could be the problem. Finally she had given up and the next person she was healing, she asked the question, "do you like my picture" "Oh yes said her client, its beautiful" she held his hand and said "Tell me the truth, because I know something is not right with picture and no one will tell me". He hung his head and looked embarrassed, but proceeded to tell her, "Why is the place where your heart should be just an empty space on the canvas" She looked up and said I can't see what you are seeing" "Well its there alright, maybe you should ask the artist, why I can see the empty space  and you are not able to". With that she hurriedly took the painting down and went to the artists home. She frantically knocked on his door, but no one answered, until an old woman next door came out complaining about the noise, and said "who are you looking for" The healer turned and said, holding the painting up, "The artist, where is he" "He doesn't live there anymore" the old woman replied. The healer asked "Where has he moved to, I must find him" The old woman turned and went into her home shouting out that he had died two years ago.

Her eyes filled with tears and she trembled walking home, not knowing what to make of it all. Finally she sat in a park on her own and just stared at the painting. Then she did the most unexpected thing and turned the painting over, holding up to the light she noticed how she could see through the blank part of the canvas and everything she was looking at was captured in her heart. She could feel everything that she was seeing. She started to cry and lowered the painting and found a small note, from the artist, inscribed on the back of the painting, which read.

Only through the hearts of others do we see our true heart and only through our own heart do we see the heart of life, which is one with us all.

Written by Master Vasilious © 2014 - 2015