Full moon rising September

The September full moon will be upon us soon on the 9th September and I do hope you will all be prepared for a special moon with lots of energy as it is the last of the super moons for this year.

What is so special about this moon? well for starters, the September moon is, and dependent on what beliefs you have, a very powerful moon because it is the moon known as the fertile moon which gives birth to everything which has been buried. 

In some of the teachings this moon is commonly known as the farmers and hunters moon, why? This is because it is the month where the moon is closest to the earth with the light side of the moon reflecting the sun full on, so everything will be lit up. Farmers make full use of this light and harvest their crops through the night. Crops such as corn and barley were farmed throughout the night.

From the spiritual point of view, there is an alignment with the planet Mars. To some the planet Mars is associated with war and destruction, but I can say in this case Mars is known as a fire planet and the moon as a water planet, so fire (male energy) and water (Female energy) at there strongest point equal birth.

Give birth to what exactly, you may be thinking, well  throughout the last 8 years we all have been going through some dramatic changes deep within our energy and we also have been slowly building our new way of living our lives, including our emotional content.

The moon is the fastest moving planetary body. The moon is the satellite of the earth, which causes all fluidic movement of the waters upon the earth. The moon represents and causes the manifestation of the unfolding influences of life. It completes its cycle every 28 days (approximately) there are four cycles in this phase of 7 Days  each of which have significant effects upon our lives.

Some of us have changed and embraced the new energy that has been offered to us and we can feel ourselves growing and changing and becoming better human beings. For others though, who have not embraced the change, have and will become stuck in a constant cycle of living out past characteristics that have no value in todays world.

The life that this moon will bring will benefit us all, if we understand the basic meaning of it. First of all and as some of you know who have attended the meditation classes, our emotions are all stored as seeds within us and these seeds are either released or take root within us, either causing us emotional imbalance or illness. If a full moon meditation is carried out then these seeds can be released and cleared from your seed house. 

The reason people sometimes suffer from a full moon (Lunacy) is because the moon will pull on the seeds within you in the same way it controls the tides and oceans and resisting its pull is what gives us the problems. Instead we should just yield to the moon, by offering the Lords prayer and mediate when it is at its strongest point, which is midnight to two o'clock in the morning.  There is nothing to be afraid of as many belief systems and religions around the world have midnight masses and ceremonies, so being by yourself and meditating is a good thing.

So what does it mean to us individually. Those emotions which are stored within us will be given birth to though not instantly as it takes  time for the seeds of emotions to surface. We know when they are arising within us as we feel pressure around the solar plexus. These emotions can be things we have contained for years, or maybe ambitions, desires and wants all of the things that we are desperately seeking, but hiding deep within us.

Time to let it go and when we let it go it will be returned to its source because we no longer require to hold onto them, this is one of the benefits of seriously practising forgiveness. As Elvis once sang, Return to Sender, not that I am an Elvis fan and if you feel like a good howl in the garden then thats okay too.

So I have provided two things for you to consider, the first being a beautifully documented film about the Great Barrier reef, why? Because there is a part towards the end around 51 minutes that shows the barrier reef giving birth  to the new coral and at the same time feeding the marine life around it. This  takes place every year when the moon is at its closest point to the earth, normally the September full moon and because this moon affects the tide and is perfect for the coral to reproduce. So what do we give life to during our September moon period, you have to ask yourself.


Lords prayer in Cypriot and in English

Secondly we all have the chance to change what we will be giving off during the full moon, so a little bit of meditation every day, saying the lords prayer, will clear the way for you all and for those of you who have forgotten or just need a little reminder here it is.

If you have your own version then this is fine too. However for those of you who would like something different I offer this prayer to you, one that comes from my heart and I use as well. 

I love you all and I hope you enjoy.

Master Vasilious


Great spirit, hear my words to you and for you.
Let the life that come from me, be of goodness from my heart.
Please help me to release the burdens that bind me.
Please let me be filled with your divine love and understanding.
Forgive me Great spirit and help me to forgive others.
Let my seeds of life spread and touch all other hearts.
I offer them healing, love and the light that you share with us all.
Thank you for hearing my words
Thank you for sharing your love
— Master Vasilious © 2014 Cyprus Tai Chi