Spiritual Pollination

Hopi Art

Hopi Art

Seeing as so many new things have happened during August, I thought I would start the new year with a special teaching for you all, writing about the pollination of our spirit with the great spirit.

There is a way to join your heart with the heart of the great spirit, but for most of us this is difficult to understand what this exactly means to you and those around you.

After teaching here in Cyprus for nearly nine years now, I am still trying my best to guide people into opening their heart as I always do. If our belief is strong enough, we would not want to see the great spirit to prove to ourselves that she exists, we would believe in her simply because we can feel and see her in our heart. We simply know that she is guiding us in the right way, because she leads us to good things, and shows us the human way of life, which for most is still remains a mystery.

Let us never forget that these special teachings, which I call the sacred heart teachings not only of life, but for life. To become a true human being, there is only one way to follow, which is the human way. The other teachings that surround us today have in a way imprisoned our hearts and do not allow us to follow the true way, to become human, one at first must go through a change process, called the butterfly mind. The basis of this teaching is so that transformation from earthly ways into spiritual ways takes place during your transition into becoming a true human being.


Great masters have graced this earth, such as Buddha, Jesus, Lao Tzu and the grandfather and grandmother teaching from all the indigenous nations around the world. Even though some of these teachings given to us by these great masters have been turned into something else that has removed the core truth of these teachings. I suppose it is to support modern living, or simply a way to prevent people from finding out the truth.

If you want to hide something, its best to hide it in a simple place, because our minds are complicated and therefore we do not seek simplicity, we seek hardship, when it comes to our own spiritual transformation. The truth is not out there but is held within our own hearts, we are born with this teaching, it is part of our DNA, therefore nothing can take it away from you, it can only be hidden from you by distraction, based on fear and anxiety. 

Opening the heart is required, simply to remove the affect of harsh living and conditioning, one can become so trapped in their ways, that they are unable to open and really what does it mean to open up your heart, there are many unanswered questions, which for most of us need answering because our logical minds request this, because our faith and trust in the great spirit has been transformed into doubt and mistrust.

If you would like to open your heart, then the first aspect to remember is this, that you will be allowing the great spirit to enter you... in other words a very special energy, which we call love will begin to flow through you. So in place of just using a word such as love, one will really feel what it means to have the the great mother flowing through their heart.



The first thing to do is to take the first step, which is to say that with all of your heart, you will accept the great spirit into your own life. The next step is to every day find time to meditate and this meditation must be done because you want to and not because you have to. If you can complete the first step then you are ready to start the remainder of your journey. After your meditation of sitting still for a few minutes, simply place your hands together in a prayer position and either find a prayer or mantra that suits you and repeat it nine times, not in a hurried voice, but slow and even so that every word can be heard correctly in your heart, now you will be calling out to the great mother and she will hear you as she hears all of her children calling out to her. If you are struggling to find a mantra or prayer, don't worry I have written one here for you all to use.


Great spirit opening of the heart prayer

Great spirit I call unto you as you have called unto me all of my life.
I thank you for all you have given me and showing me the way of a human being.
I open my heart to the great love of the universe, for the universe is you and I.
I will open my heart and let it become one with your sacred heart.
Fill me with you love and strength so I may open the door to my own heart.
For I will fear no one, with you inside of me and beside me.
For I will love all living things, that you have blessed us with.
And through me, may they feel your love and happiness.
I say this prayer with faith, trust and honesty.
— Master Vasilious © 2014 Cyprus Tai Chi

I will of course be following up with the meditation and mantras for you to continue your practice.

Master Vasilious © Cyprus Tai Chi 2014