Resolution of change

At the beginning of each year and for some of us throughout the year, we promise ourselves, that we will change and stop various distractions in our lives. Sadly most of us fail within the first few months or days even. Lets stop and think what exactly are we doing here.

We are promising to our selves that we will become a certain person, by letting go of negative habits and addictions. Some people even promise to themselves to become better at work and to grow spiritually. While I feel that these are all good and wonderful attempts to erase the wrong aspects of our lives, we do end up finding ourselves struggling deep within our soul, toiling over in our minds the  reasons not to stop, then there is the temptation and the good old ego jumping in the way, only to see ourselves fail and then spend the next few days feeling guilty or weak because of this failure. So how should we approach this surrender of old habits and addictions? well there is a way and I have been guiding people for years in how to approach the resolution syndrome, if you are determined to change something in your life.

First thing to understand is the meaning of the word 'Resolution' Taken from an online dictionary... the act of finding an answer or solution to a conflict, problem, etc, the act of resolving something, an answer or solution to something. Once a person understands the meaning of the word, we can then look at the word to be 'Resolute' which means to become determined and apply ones self to a particular change in life. So I say forget trying to stop something that has been with you for years as this only causes conflict, instead put something into your life that is a far more powerful addiction than the one you are trying to give up. The only resolution one should make is to chant every day, that is one resolution, not only worth doing, but creates a healthy addiction, rather than trying to break one. Once you start chanting for five to ten minutes a day you will notice the difference in your health and the improved condition of your mind. What to chant? I hear you say, well some people like to chant something like Om, others like to sing or have mantras, me personally I like to chant the healing sounds and then pray everyday to the great spirit, because I am addicted to her love and comfort. 

This natural healthy addiction, will eventually overtake the ones you are trying to let go of. If however you do not want to let them go, well I would say that is okay too as we are all responsible for our own lives and as long as we are not harming others or disturbing the lives of others, then the choice always belongs to us. 

Chanting has been and is still the best healing method today. Our ancestors chanted and even today the most recited chant in the entire world is the lords prayer in various languages and formats. There is no time like now to start chanting, so why not try and see how your old addictions and habits fall to the side because you have the strength of the great spirit within you. 

I have linked a really nice modern chant for you all to sit and listen to and hopefully become inspired to start chanting yourselves. Good fortune with the chanting and the resolutions. Remember be resolute, upright, strong and passionate about chanting. The only addiction one should have, is to life itself.

Love and blessings Master Vasilios 2015