A fallen star

There are times in our lives when we seem to be surrounded by negativity and heavy energy. No matter where we turn or whom we turn to, there seems to be no way out, no light and no solution to our problems. However there is a place within your heart that holds the light of your sacred heart and this light is what we can call upon when all is lost. Through a gentle prayer can you bring the light from your sacred heart into your spiritual heart, which fills you with heavenly love and light. 

Poem of light

A shooting star fell to the earth, it hit the ground so hard it raised the dust to heights beyond our vision and hearts.  

For a long time no one could see around them, no one recognised each other and all were for this period of time all on their own, with eyes covered and deep within their own thoughts and heart trying to survive as best they could.

One day the dust settled settled and the star was still shining so brightly, everyone felt drawn towards its radiance, for it was the first light they had seen in a long time.

Staring into the beautiful and wondrous light, little did they know their lives would be changed forever, and even after the star light dimmed and eventually disappeared, it remained within their hearts for ever, guiding them and showing them the way to understanding the true meaning of togetherness.

Though we cannot be with one another at times, it does not mean we are apart. for we are all joined by the cosmos forces of love and music from the sacred space of the heart, we just have to listen from within.

Master Vasilios © 2015

Picture by: robrey.deviantart.com