The greatest event

Over 2,300 years ago a conjunction appeared that changed the whole of humanity. And last year and this year we have been going through the same conjunction as back then. Each time this conjunction appears, which includes the alignment of Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Regulus ( A star of the Leo zodiac) and the moon, humanity goes through a change of internal being. Our DNA is affected by the vibrations given off by these planets aligning themselves to make a frequency or musical note, which alters our bodily alignment with the heavens. This conjunction is now coming to an end, but not until Venus finally passes by Saturn during January 2016. It will be a complete conjunction and Saturn will have the final say in how we as individuals have accepted this conjunction into our physical, and spiritual beings.

So what happens next, well since the ending of the year 2012, when some people thought it was the end of the world, it was in fact the beginning of this conjunction. Not only does it affect our solar system, but our entire galaxy has realigned itself and this is what is causing the big shift in everything we know and what we don't know. 

Saturn and Venus come into full conjunction on the 9th January 2016 at 6:00 am, so hopefully you will be able to see it in the sky as Venus will be shining brightly. Saturn is the grandfather of planets and it will be the beginning of what I call the separation of the minds of humanity. It is without a doubt the time to elevate your thinking into the way of the spiritual being and to know that life cannot be the same for humanity ever again. There are too many of us beginning to feel and thinking differently. Saturn affects the two aspects of the mind, the soul and the spirit. The soul must learn its lessons and move forward as Saturn is the planet of Karma, the spirit must be freed to express itself to the full and this is why we are seeing such an upturn in the interest in bodily movement, art and writing and so on. The need to create will be overwhelming for some of us. Saturn is the wisest and most direct planet in our solar system, so if you elevate your mind, Saturn will help you and show you the way, if you choose to stay as you are then Saturn will hold you there until you accept the truth. It is as simple as this, but it will be challenging to move away from our old selves and into our new lives.

The way forward is that by switching on our true spiritual nature, we will realise that meditation  is one of the five expressions of humanity, so we will need to return to meditation as a way of life and not as an add on to our hectic living. We will be in need of constant alignment with our solar system and establish a connection with Nature, which will allow us to harmonise and grow in peace and without fear. I know letting go of the old ways is hard for some of us, but we are all affected by this, no one will or can be excluded. It is time for the next two years to open your hearts and enjoy the glorious moment in our history. It is a blessing to be alive and to be part of this. It is possible that in several reincarnations into the future, you may find your self reading about this historic event and maybe even feel a connection that you helped to influence humanity in one way or another for the better.

Master Vasilios © 2015