Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese new year. 19th February 2015 The year of the Goat.


Its the time of year to celebrate once again the wonderful Chinese New Year and to all of the Asian people around the world who are also celebrating their New Year, regardless of what country they may be from. Happy New Year to all of you from my heart.

This is the year of the Goat and the lovely animal has much in store for us this year, especially if you are born as a goat and what type of elemental Goat are you. 

The Goat, is a sturdy and relaible animal, always around and never really bothers anyone. There is a general happiness about the goat and this reflects in the human quality too. It is a time for slow spiritual growth as there is no hurrying a goat, especially if it does not want to move. We have had several years of adjusting to the changes, which were outside of our control, even though we had choices. However the leaders of humans, decided it was better to let us walk in circles over and over again. However the goat has chewed through the rope and is free to move and once again learn about life and a new energy, which has been bestowed upon us, by the great spirit.

However if you are a free spirit and one who is attracted to the truth of life, you will also know that life its self moves at a speed we cannot comprehend, it is us whom move fast or slow, the earth and the cosmos, remain at its constant speed regardless of what is happening. Therefore in order to fulfil your spiritual destiny this year, it is best to slow down and digest all that you have taken in over the past few years and remove them, let them go once and for all, especially those things that are weighing you down and are unhealthy for your mind and body. Replace them with those things that are good for your soul, but remember that you must also absorb slowly and thoroughly, which requires staying power and determination, like that of the Goat. This gentle consistency will provide you with a soft and permeant light within your heart, which in turn will illuminate your mind and then like the Goat you will become free to roam, climb and walk anywhere you desire, nothing can imprison your mind, heart, body and spirit this year.

What Type of "Goat" Are You: Wood, Fire, Earth, Gold, or Water?

According to the Chinese sacred astrology theories, each one of us is born a particular type of animal, so each animal has also one of the five elements associated with its potential and birth date. Our personalities are defined by which type of animal zodiac sign we are born under.

Year of Birth: 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027

Type of Goat Year of Birth Characteristics
Wood Goat 1955, 2015 Amicable, gentle, and compassionate.
Fire Goat 1907, 1967 Amicable, frank, and honest, always making everything clean and tidy.
Earth Goat 1919, 1979 Righteous, honest, straightforward, and will never harm their friends.
Gold Goat 1931, 1991 Ambitious and kind-hearted with a strong sense of responsibility in work; sometimes too stubborn.
Water Goat 1943, 2003 Always ready to help others, and they can sacrifice their own interests for others

The correct way to live your life and adapt this year is to follow the characteristics of the Goat, therefore lets look at what these are, regardless of what sign you are.

  • Don't push a goat, lead it to where you want to go and it will follow you and help you. If you push a goat it will just use its Tai Chi and remain rooted. So if you are sincere in heart the goat will without a doubt help you as they are very kind animals and love all. In other words try not to be forceful this year, instead let things comes to you, by being open and understanding how to receive correctly with humanity.
  • Time to become Vegan as goats eat and like the green food. This year we can expect some amazing events in how food is produced and consumed in Cyprus, time for the organic farmers to rise to the top. and for us to consider change.
  • Staying calm by moving gently and smoothly will allow you to also stay healthy and prolong life.
  • Observing and learning from others in the right way, which means to respect those who share with you, will bring a softness to your heart
  • Exercise your body as well as your mind. Doing one or the other will create imbalance, doing both of them will harmonise your soul.
  • A time to become rooted in something you love and build a life around your spiritual desires. Be without intention, just feel the pull of the spirit and move in that direction with honest and sincerity.

This can be a great year for us all if we become unafraid of climbing the rocky pathways of life. The souls of our feet have become strong from all we have had to pass through over the last few years, therefore it is a time to stand up and be strong and walk the path of life once again, without looking back. There is no mountain to high, river to deep or road to long for us. I am walking on the skin of the great mother and I know she will love me, care for me and walk along my side as our hearts unite as one.

Master Vasilios © 2015