Rain heart

The sun shone through my heart, for so long, and life seemed blissful and everyone whom I know and all of the animals I am in love with, are all connected with the sun rays of life. My heart was filled with good emotion and my spirit was flowering through the strength flowing in my heart.

One day I noticed that the light had dimmed, so I looked up and all I could see were clouds darkening above me, the great mother was roaring out aloud as she shook the earth with thunder, born from her own heart. I knew that after the sun, came the clouds, then the rain is sure to follow. For so long now, things have been good, why do we need to see them all be washed away by the rain. My inner sage spoke to my heart and told me that nothing lasts forever, all things are subject to change, for the light will become dark, big things will fall and become small again, your stomach will fill and become empty again, this is the cycle of life, from which no one can escape from.

I looked up as the rain fell upon my face and I gently drank the tears given to me by the great spirit, for these were not tears of pain, but the waters of life, offering me the chance to renew myself again. Like a great river, her tears flowed through my heart, washing all the things that were no longer needed in my heart away, for they were all dead. Her river of tears, forged through me and carved new paths for my heart to flow, nothing could stand in her way. So much did I drink, she over flowed and nourished all of me and those around me. I watched as my old emotions floated away and out of sight. I swam in her warm water and could feel my very own soul being cleansed and reborn. 

Now my heart is flowing again and after the rain, the sun will follow, nothing lasts forever, as we need the sun, as we need the rain, wind and the earth, for all of life is born from these. As the sun gives life so to will it dry my heart, the rain softens me and the wind will blow towards me bringing new seeds of life and cooling the fire in my heart. Water will flow down towards and into the earth, for this is how the great mother quenches her thirst for creation, she drinks and renews herself and this is what she is teaching me. Thank you great spirit for this blessing and allowing me to not only walk upon your skin, but to drink from your cup of life, for here I sit at the centre of your rainbow bridge, knowing that they span from deep within the earth, showing me that the power of life, will come from the earth and return to the earth. Be glorious in your colour, reach for the heavens, but know this, even when you are able to kiss the sky, you will return to the earth, it is what you return with, is what matters... me, I will try to return with the sacred rainbow and offer this to the great mother, for she has nourished me in every way.

Master Vasilos © 2015