Hinderance within our hearts

Every so often we are subject to change and this change is caused by many factors such as social pressure, lifestyle, families and friends and not forgetting your soul and spirit calling out for you to grow. Hinderance is a very special aspect of spiritual growth and must be addressed in the correct way. We often see hinderance as obstacles placed in front of us by others and sometimes even the world as a whole. This however is not the truth, as we attract to us what we have built up over a period of time and instead of trying to battle our way through what we see as our problems in our lives, we should instead take no steps, but just become still, as clearly when one has hinderance it is not the time to advance, but a time to standstill and examine ones self. 

How do you examine yourself? we first start by knowing the problems we have and then to take away the blame we have put on others and situations outside of our control. Instead we observe our own behaviour towards these problems, how we reacted, what emotion did we display or give to others. For it is our reaction to situations which determines the outcome and prolonged agony of having to live with hinderance. When we realise that we can behave differently and look to react in the right way and always as a human being, with an open heart, we can then start to see that most of the problems come from our own built up philosophy of life and people. That clearly says it is time to change how I am towards others, so they will behave better towards me.

Observing oneself in everything we do is a very powerful aspect of our lives, by developing our internal power to know who we really are, our true nature, we can then accept the behaviour of others towards us. What is our true nature? do we really know ourselves. We are aware that we have so much love in our hearts, yet we cannot find a way to express this feeling in a constant motion. When love turns inwardly on our hearts, it prevents us from feeling the hearts of others. This is not what I would call loving ones self, but a form of shutting down and building a pressure situation within our heart, which will seek to erupt in the form of anger.

Let go of what others do to you and become a constant in examining yourself and your attitude towards life. Ask yourself the question, are you at peace with your behaviour towards others. if you feel that you are having to make a decision, which will seriously affect your life, then no one else has the right to decide for you, as you all have the power to decide what is right and what will be wrong for you. It is often the decision making which affects you the most and it is at that point you will often start to blame others not for what they have done to you, but for subconsciously giving you the choice, which for most of us are often afraid to make. 

Shadows of doubt

I walk the passageways of my life journey, always encountering the hearts of others on the way.
Each and every one of them offer me something for my heart.
A gift maybe, an act of kindness, a painful memory or a new one to store within my house of emotion.
I accept the gift and pleasure my heart with the act of kindness, so open am I in receiving these from the hearts of others.
When gifted with pain I turn away, and with nowhere to hide, I defend my heart with anger, and when all is lost, I tell my heart to flee, to run and hide, until it is so far away I cannot see my heart anymore and neither can I feel her precious rhythm of life. Why did I tell her to run? I had a choice, I should have stayed and listened to my hearts reaction from the pain being sent to me by another. She would have told me what to do as she is always right. Be strong I hear her calling unto me, be strong, be kind, for kindness overcomes all other acts. Be kind when receiving gifts of good nature, be kind when humiliated, so they may hear there own true heart once again.
Master Vasilios