The entering of the summer

This time of year most birth signs are struggling with the heat and the sudden change of emotional energy around them. Gemini May 21st to June 20th is now at its cusp and strongest point before it starts to decline on the 7th June and we move into the sign of Cancer.

So what is in store for you Gemini's during this period. First of all your sign represents the heavenly twins, the third sign of the zodiac and ruled by Mercury coupled with a dual state of mind that sees in all modes, concepts and ideas.

Being ruled by Mercury, and such is the mind of the gemini born, they are able to wield their power of creation or destruction as all things are given life and so shall they end, before being reborn again. The mercurial mind is fast moving and is in constant state of duality, it is able to see both sides of any situation, therefore the soul is constantly at work, so be warned do not disturb a Gemini who is in the middle of their thought process. The soul of a Gemini is of all the star signs the one who strives for purity of mind and body, being an air sign they also have the ability to lift themselves to a grander scale than most. They do not represent the mass when making tough decisions, they do what is best and just for the individual, therefore they are the best in resolving arguments between people and you may find that you never can overcome the Gemini mind. Your house is of the logical mind, therefore everything should be what it is meant to be for you. The power of the Gemini mind comes into fruition when logical ideas can be given birth to that others are not able to, however unbeknown to most Gemini's, the other twin at work, is aligning the ideas that you bring to life with your past Karma, trying to bring a balance to this incarnation for you. 

This year is a year of hard work, regarding your powers of decision making. People will be drawn to you like never before and the energy we are blessed with this year will make it all the more powerful. It is time to take up all those ambitions you have been blessed with and choose one to follow, one to master and one to heal your soul, this year the energy to work the mind, will be at its most powerful in September, when we the summer fires start to cool and the mind leaves the energy of Leo and into the warmth of the heart of Virgo.

Any positive creative work you do this year will help to heal your soul and spirit in a way it has not been possible for you in the past, due to the heaviness of the past energies, so it is time to  walk hand in hand with your energised twin, the one whom you are in constant communication with and as they say two minds are better than one, especially when they are joined in spirit and soul, such are the minds of twins.