The secret of a happy home

What is the secret of a happy home, how can one become so unaware of what makes our homes sacred and a special place for us to recharge, rest, laugh and enjoy our families, loved ones and our own space. Well here is the secret and it does work and is very true based on an ancient philosophy.  

One day two men had finished their days work and sat quietly having their cup of tea before they both headed off home. One sat smiling and telling the other one, that he was looking forward to going home, while the other one just stared into his cup of tea. The happy one, asked, "what is wrong why are you so sad looking, you have been like this for a while now". The sad one lifted his head and said that he hated going home, his wife just shouted at him and the children were always screaming and never pay him any attention, "I feel like I want to run away", he said.

"Ah" said the happy man, "there is something you can do about this". "What" said the unhappy man, "it's impossible, my marriage is failing and the house is just got a terrible energy". The happy man stroked his beard and said "I will tell you the secret of a happy home and marriage". "Okay" said the unhappy one, "this I have got to hear". 

"The mystery of woman is so complex, and is very hard to understand but easy to follow, you have just got to show her love in the right way". "Woman change all the time, they are forever growing and moving in mind and in their hearts, while men stand still and become content with themselves. If a woman is truly loved, adored and followed by her family, your home will become the best home in the entire world and that's it. If a woman's heart is not in her home, then you have no home, if she loves your home, then your home will sing the song of the heavens all day and night long. The children will be at peace, laughter will be in the air and everything she will do will be filled with love. You just need to make her feel this in her heart again".


The sad one lifted his head and said "thank you" and left. That day he went home and embraced his wife for the first time in a long time, he just held her gently and there hearts touched and she seemed to know what was going on in his heart, they held each other for ages, even the children joined in and then looking into her eyes, he said the beautiful words of wisdom to her with all his heart for he had discovered the truth about being with another, he said, "I adore you, I love you and I will follow you to the ends of the earth forever". From that day on he too became a happy man, and his wife and family became happy too, because they were all smiling Again from their hearts.  

The truth of woman, is the truth of nature, She gives life to all things from the energy of happiness and serenity, to all living things. When she smiles, the whole universe smiles, when she is sad, the whole universe cries, when she is dancing, nature dances with her, you cannot help but become entranced with the true power of woman, especially when her heart is beating the heavenly drum. Let us never forget, Mother Nature is the mother of all, showing us the true nature of nature itself.

Master Vasilios 2015