Beginning and the end

I often am asked many questions regarding the pathway of life and what it means to be on the path, or the right path. First of all and to understand the true meaning of being on the path, there is only one path for us all, which is our ancestor path, in other words to follow in the steps of our ancestors. On the earth this would mean to follow the way of our forefathers and mothers.

You may say that there is nothing to follow within my family, nothing to connect with and this is because times have changed and there has been a period of evolution within the human race, where we have lost our way and we must ask ourselves, what are we exactly following now. People are caught up in the modern way and have released the teachings handed down by our elder, such as teachings from our grand parents and so on, sadly this they call progression, but there must be progression in our lives without losing the way of being a human being. So what does one follow when we have nothing to follow?, and this is the big question.

The first thing to understand is that there is a part of our brain, which is known be submissive and dependant on which one of the root races you have been born into, determines the amount of submission you have in you, I call this the ability to yield, others call it the need to follow. If you are studying an art of meditation, regardless if it is Tai Chi or Yoga, you are tapping into this area and two things will happen to you, one: you become fearful because of what you are following, this is definitely the wrong path as no one should be afraid of what and whom they are following, two: you will experience growth and joy and this is being on the correct path even though when walking the path we will experience some challenges, especially when moving forward you still may become afraid, but this is a different vibration of fear, this is just called the unknown and now you know why you will need courage and determination to walk the true path, for the wrong path is easy to walk, and is filled with illusion and emotional imbalance.

Some of us have been born into this time and the now, to reignite our ancestor trails, where maybe our parents chose not to walk the path, but we still can. What does it means to walk the ancestor path, well all of our past lives and knowledge of our entire ancestry is waiting for us. As we walk the path we create the next step in what we do today and in the now. It is an honour to walk the way of the ancestors, for it is the only and true way home for us all. When we finally depart the earth in this life, it is where we will go before being reborn again. How many people when they are dying are welcomed into the after life by their loved ones, they are there for us helping us to walk the path and return home safely. 

We all have to learn how to walk the path at some stage of our incarnation. Every seven years we are allowed to experience the path, our ancestors welcome us and we return full of inspiration and our DNA has once again transformed. The elders teach us how to stay on the path permanently, sharing their wisdom with us in how to constantly be in a state of heart evolution. Even though what they teach us is the same across the world for these are the sacred heart teachings, left for us by the wise ones who walked the earth at the beginning of the human race, so once again I will share with you all the cosmic principals and by following these, you will without a doubt be on the right path, standing by these principals will strengthen your spirit, understanding these principals will teach you that all things are subject to change, therefore your understanding of these principals will also change as you evolve and their true meanings will open up before you. This is the peaceful walk, one who has learnt how to be in harmony with their submissive or yielding mind in the right way and to remember when you walk your own ancestral path, you will be leaving footprints for your ancestors to continue to follow you allowing them to find their way home too. What will you teach the children.

The Cosmic Principals

Everything is an inseparable part of the whole.

The universe is the sacred expression of the will and mind of the source and has been created with love and ensouled with life.

Everything is characterized energy and is interchangeable to everything else. So mind/matter/spirit are but different levels of the same energy.

All energy in motion follows the law of harmonics, it will achieve maximum efficiency with minimum effort and returns ultimately to it’s source, stillness.

All things in the universe have life, but they experience it in different ways. Nothing is truly ‘dead’ because there is no such thing as no motion.

We are all different, but all made from the same elements and seek to express ourselves within the great spirit in a special way. Thus we all evolve within our own beings.

Everything evolves by continually seeking harmony and balance with everything else.

The only constant in the universe is change.

Everything is linked to everything else and all are subject to the way of the heart.

Everything is born of woman. Everything comes into existence through the feminine principal.

No harm must come to the children, for eternal life is through the children.

Circular motion is the law of everything, lineation is an illusion. Absolute beginnings and endings do not exist because there are no true beginnings.

All knowledge and wisdom is born from the fountain of the heart and returns to it’s source. 

Each of the above principals are the true and only way to walk this path of life, if you take the time in this life to understand the precious teachings and the learn how to apply them to your life, you now have something to follow. When you start walk this path of ancestral knowledge you will realise that they already exist within your heart, you just need to open your heart to your elders.

Love and blessings to you all who walk the path, for in the beginning of this life, I took my first step on the path and at the end, I became the heart of the path for others to follow.

Master Vasilios © 2015

Main picture supplied and credits are of children of the sun native culture and is protected by copyright laws.