The bridge of hearts


For the last four years, since Dec 2012, we have been witnessing the most spectacular event in the heavens since 2,600 years ago. The alignments of the planets have been spectacular and has shifted the entire species of all living things on the earth and the earth itself onto another level, the cycle of life or as known, the fifth cycle of humanity. I have written enough about this on the astrology blog, which you can find here if you haven't read it already. So now we have arrived and what shall we make of it all. At the end of the year 2012, I was hearing it was the end of the world, when instead it was the beginning of the new world.

In my meditation, my Grandmother came to me and spoke softly as the wind. Cradling my heart, I shared her vision of what will come and what will be and to let it be.

The poem of the Bridge of Hearts
We should have fallen into the darkness, instead there was a brilliant light calling us all to ascend our hearts into the heavens.
Our ancestors have awoken us, as I could hear our Grandfathers and Grandmothers calling our names and saying, "it is time, it is our time to end suffering and starvation of our souls".
They have  awoken us from our deep sleep of illusion, which was placed upon us by those who did not want us to know where our true hearts lay. They came like the dark fog, clouding our vision and darkening our hearts with stale air, so stale not even the eagle could fly from the ground. Now they are powerless to stop the awakening of our supreme heart, the great breath has once again swept our mother earth and once again she breaths us into her womb of life, as she pulls down the heavenly fire, the sacred spark of the soul.
For we are human beings transforming into spiritual beings, no longer a dream or a fantasy. Before us, the true path of life has opened, the one which is born from the centre of our hearts and leads into the heart of the great spirit, for she awaits us, as all great mothers await their children. For those of us who have heard her crying, shedding her tears in her joy of our return. She will once again flood the great river of life, sweeping away all that is unworthy in this life and in our souls, and through the waters of her tears shall the bridge of hearts rise from the depths of our souls and safely will we cross her mighty river of life, hand in hand, heart within heart, together as one as she is one.
Look away if you cannot bear the new, for your eyes have been opened, look and know that your destiny is within your own hands. Raise your head and look to the sky and within the stars of our ancestors you will see those who have opened up their hearts, shining brightly as they ascend into the heavenly world of love and light. now you will shed your tears of sorrow and regret, but do not despair for soon they will return for you, with open hearts and arms, bearing the love of the great mother.
And now we must all embrace our new life and fear not, for our spirit guides have arrived in the form of the children who have descended in ten thousand fold, leading us all out of the darkness and into the new life, for they are all knowing and there is nothing we can teach them, for they are our way, our life our children, children of the great mother. Nurture them, believe in them, follow them, let them be, for when you gaze into their eyes you will see our eldest ancestors who once again have returned to teach and grace the earth with the love of the cosmos.
Master Vasilios © 2016